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Since September 2008 I work in the Perceptual Intelligence lab, dept Industrial Design Engineering of TUDelft, a collaboration between the departments of Industrial Design Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics.

We investigate the perceptual (re)presentation of space, shape, material and light, and its application in industrial design.

My research includes studies into design, perception and physics of light and materials, considering the physical and perceptual interactions between objects’ shapes, materials and light.

Perceptual qualities of materials - EU ITN PRISM

Graduation projects in Industrial Design

Perceptual qualities of light - EU ITN PRISM

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I currently coordinate a Master’s elective course Lighting Design and participate in a range of other courses in Industrial Design.

In the past I developed and teached courses on psychophysics, colour, and optics.

The visual light field

Lighten up!

Visual perception of paintings

Installations museum Het Prinsenhof

3D fine art reproduction - Océ Technologies

material rendering in still lifes - NWO NICAS